Recent Before & After Photos

Mold in Waterloo, IL Basement

The mold damage in this basement was due to two pipe leaks in two different places, causing ample mold growth around the whole area. Sticking to our “Like... READ MORE

Cutting Out Mold by Hand in Sparta, IL Home

When it comes to most porous materials such as wood and drywall, the only way to rid them of mold is to remove them completely. The reason these materials canno... READ MORE

Water Extraction on Columbia, IL Carpet

Is that a carpet or a swimming pool? When water gets underneath carpet, the before picture is the result. It isn’t a pretty sight, but SERVPRO has the too... READ MORE

Stripping Out Water-Damaged Waterloo Ceiling

Even small pipe leaks can cause damage, but when they go unnoticed they can be detrimental. This Waterloo, IL home suffered a pipe leak in the ceiling, causing ... READ MORE

Restoration From Fire Damage in Your Chester, IL Home

A fire devastated this Chester, IL home, leaving it in a smoky, soot-filled heap. In your average fire damage situation, some cleaning is needed and a few parts... READ MORE

Dirty Ducts in Waterloo Light Commercial Building

This Waterloo, IL light commercial building was suffering heavily from dirty HVAC ducts. In the before picture, you can see how much dust and dirt built up, for... READ MORE

Hunting for Water in Okawville

This home in Okawville, IL suffered water damage after their sump pump leaked in the basement. In the before photo, you can see the darkened carpet where the wa... READ MORE

Pipe Break in your Belleville, IL Retirement Home

All The Way Down Pipe breaks are often devastating to businesses. Not only can it halt day-to-day activities, but water can find its way through commercial buil... READ MORE

Storm Water Leads to Mold in Columbia, IL Home

Storms can cause a myriad of problems in your home, including mold. Even if just a small amount of water leaks in from a heavy rain, mold can grow as a result. ... READ MORE

Storm Damage in Steeleville, IL Home

This basement of a Steeleville, IL home suffered from water damage after a storm. The water seeped in, getting into the carpet and walls. As with any water-rela... READ MORE