Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold in Red Bud, IL Basement

Cut it Out

A Red Bud, IL basement recently had parts of its drywall taken out due to heavy mold. The area required an air mover to dry up the water that the mold was living on as well as negative pressure in the room to rid it of spores.

About Negative Pressure

Negative pressure is when we seal off the room to force the air into an air scrubber, which cleans the air of spores and sends it elsewhere.

If you need mold remediated in your home, call your local mold experts, SERVPRO of Monroe, Randolph & Washington Counties, at (618) 464-0300.

Air Scrubbing in Columbia, IL Home

Going through Any Lengths

Here at SERVPRO, we go to any length to recover your home from any disaster. In this Columbia, IL basement, our technicians had to flow filtered air through two rooms to hook up to the only window in order to remediate their mold issue.

If your home is in need of mold remediation, do not hesitate to call the experts 24/7 at (618) 464-0300.

Mold Hiding in Plain Sight in Red Bud, IL

Mold Takes Many Forms

See a few "harmless" white spots around your basement? It must just be some dust from a project or some residue leftover when your home was built, right? Unfortunately, they can actually be surface molds spreading spores in your home!

These kinds of surface molds can take many forms, including seemingly neutral white spots. If you see any spots in your home that do not seem like they belong, call the experts: us!

Our SERVPRO technicians arrive ready to tackle any amount of mold in your home or business. Just call SERVPRO at 618-464-0300

Mold in New Athens, IL Staircase

Mold in the Wild

This is what can happen to a home when mold is left unchecked. This New Athens, IL home experienced heavy mold in their basement staircase. Our SERVPRO technicians were able to remove all affected drywall and remediate, or bring back to natural levels, all of the mold in the basement. At that point, the drywall was replaced, and the homeowner's staircase was restored. 

If you have mold running rampant in your home, don't hesitate to call us 24/7 at 618-464-0300

Mold Hiding in Columbia, IL Home

Hide and Seek, but with Mold

Sometimes mold can grow in cracks and crevasses making it hard to see. Luckily, we at SERVPRO are experts at rooting out and remediating mold. Let our highly-trained mold technicians put your mind at ease while we keep your mold issues in check by calling us at 618-464-0300

Mold in Waterloo, IL

Bold Mold

A large amount of mold found behind the drywall of a Waterloo, IL home. As soon as the client called, we had our technicians on site, suited up for the job. They swiftly rooted out the mold and remediated it, as only SERVPRO technicians do so well.

If you find yourself seeing or smelling any amount of mold in your home, call us at 618-464-0300 and we will make it "Like it never even happened."